What is coloursplash!™ for gray roots?

Now you can delay trips to the salon. coloursplash! for gray roots is an eco-progressive product that is for blending in gray roots and the hairline. This “do it yourself” product has been requested for months and much needed by every woman and man that has gray roots. coloursplash! for gray roots is easy to use. Simply apply to areas where you have the grayest hair.


Most areas where you will first see gray is the hairline and part. But you can also use coloursplash! for gray roots on the ends if they look faded too soon after a color service. It will not lighten your natural hair color. You will see the unwanted gray roots disappear in moments. The coloursplash! for gray roots Kit is for blending in gray roots at the part and on the hairline. Two ways to remove, after processing wipe off-color with a wet kitchen paper towel, or shampoo in the shower. No coating on hair or scalp. No wax build-up!

coloursplash!™ Gray Roots