Restore the Life To Your Hair Color

Now more than ever women go for personal services just to take a small amount of time to relax…most say “I just want to relax …I don’t want to talk about it.” The IT we all want a moment of rest from. In this report I have researched areas that will help you relax and feel confident that you’re making the right price choices for your hair color and other areas in your personal budget.

Having worked with women for over thirty years I have always found that when complications show up in your life it is best not to cheat yourself from looking your age or if possible even ten years younger with beautiful hair color. You need to feel good about yourself when you see your reflection in the bathroom mirror each morning. Hair color is one of the best things you can do to make this happen.

As most of you know, bad hair color can add years to your overall appearance. When you have roots that are too long or your hair needs attention in the overall shade, you know you don’t look your best so you feel down.

Some of you see your skin tone starts to look flat and uneven when you have had a new hair style. You see that even after a great cut you seem to still feel a bit older than you do when you have just had your hair colored. This can all be fixed with small changes.

Often when your mind is on cutting the budget for the cost of living you put yourself last. When you look at the ten points at the end of this report you will see that you only need to make a very small adjustment in your budget to look your best at all times.

You may not look ten years younger but at least you will look fabulous for your age…and see that cutting the budget too much is just not worth it. We all know we need a treat every few weeks to help keep our balance.

You need to feel and look pretty so you can get through these present ups and downs. This is why I have also given you a small list of where to shop online or how to search online to get really great prices for your personal care products so you can still afford to have your hair color and haircuts almost on time.

Some of the sites listed will have free shipping if you buy a certain amount (as we have at ) and you can get deals on a lot of good brands for other personal needs. Also look at the great deals you can get with coupons that were listed in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal.

37% of women would sacrifice a year of dessert for a year of good hair. ( Poll)

The following is an area most women really need to watch when having the right hair color even if you don’t need to cut costs, but more so if you hate your hair and you’re still going to the wrong person and leaving with the hair color or a style you’re unhappy with.

The woman I’m about to tell you about is someone who will never need to worry about her budget and she still made the same mistake that women often do. She thought she should stay with the salon where she’d had very bad hair color for years (a waste of her time and her money.)  Her loyalty and her misconception about all salons in the Beverly Hills area charging very high prices left her with very bad hair color.

Her husband called me one day and asked if I could intervene. I said, “sure just come by.” He had said she had yellow hair over her long dark brown hair; which I couldn’t imagine (and what do men know about hair color.) I had met her before and her hair always looked reddish to me, which I thought she liked.

When they came by the first thing I noticed was very wide orange stripe in her hair.  After saying hello I asked her if she had been out on the boat or in the sun, because I was to consult on the sly, not to hurt her feelings, as most professionals try not to do with their present clients or new clients.

I asked if she had had base color with highlights, and she said no that she only had a few highlights about every 3-4 months. I looked at her hair and saw she had had a base. With the 3 inch re-growth I suggested she tone down the highlights a bit.

She said she had asked for the highlights to not be so bright, but they were always the same, and that because she had gone to the same person for so long (15 years) she didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Her husband said she didn’t want to spend the money and didn’t want him to pay either, because she had stopped working to have their first child.

I knew they both had the money to pay for anything she wanted. The fact was she had been a business woman for years so she didn’t want to ask for her personal services to be paid for by her husband.

Is The Price Worth It?

I would like to make it clear that a good hair cut and color doesn’t always cost a fortune. Most salons in good areas will work with you because they know what it’s like to be on a budget.

If you are going through your day with a 3 inch re-growth with dark brown hair (or any other hair color) that has gray coming in and you have 2 inch red-orange stripes throughout your short hair or especially past the shoulder hair you are paying too much.

Loyalty can only last so long. It stops when you are not walking out looking great and loving your hair, every time you leave the salon. You would not go back to the same cleaners if they pressed a hole in your favorite shirt, so why would women and men continue to go to the same person and come out of the salon with inferior results?

As a professional myself, I think that it is the professional’s responsibility to be loyal to you for coming in to have the service. They should continue their education to stay on top of the techniques.


The better salons do stay up with what is going on and the good news is that if you are not having the best service you should check out other places to go to. You will find that the prices are just possibly a few dollars more, or even the same price as your current salon.

The wonderful difference is that you will look better and feel great when you look at yourself. You don’t need to look 10 years older for loyalty’s sake.

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