Is Hair Dye or Bleach Breaking off Your Hair?

There is not a day that goes by that I am not talking with or listening to women that are asking about how to repair their hair. Often even the most intelligent women think it is the bottle or tube of hair color that is the culprit.

It is my professional promise that it is not the hair color bottle or tube of color that breaks off the hair. I know some women will still think it is the company but, if you think just for a moment common sense will tell you that the legitimate companies that produce hair color products year after year would never produce inferior products.

If we did ,we would have a million lawsuits a week which would remove us from the market place. If this happened we would start to notice a whole lot of gray hair. So the damage and breakage must come from miss use of product, improper application or improper hair care, or all of the above.  Let’s look at some of the real causes of hair damage and breakage.

Improper Product Formulation

Often when someone wants their hair to be an ultra light blonde. The hairdresser will use a very high volume of peroxide. When this is added to the oil bleach for the root or highlighting bleach you can almost be certain the hair will become damaged or even break off. If this is continued over time the hair is certain to break off even if you are using the best of hair care product.

Improper Application

When a hair color application is overlapped or allowed to seep into the previously color treated hair the hair is being over processed. When the hair is over processed, it will dry out, and if the application is a bleach, or a high lift tint your hair could even break off! If this is repeated month after month the hair is in big trouble. Some of you maybe living with this problem as you read this.

Improper Hair Care

You must handle your color treated hair with the utmost of care. This is often very simple. To start, don’t use elastic hair bands, unless they are cloth covered. Don’t use metal clips or hard plastic combs to hold your hair in place. These all will cut into the hair and cause color treated and even normal healthy hair to break off.

If you take your mirror and look at the place where these items were holding, you can see a line that the clips and bands have left. This type of stress is just too great for fragile hair.

You also need to watch the pony tails, especially when you’re sleeping. The pressure from the pulling back causes the hair to weaken at the hair line and often shred where the band is holding the hair in place. Oh, I almost forgot, if your hair is weak from chemicals don’t tease or backcomb you hair until it’s stronger.

The saddest conclusion to this problem is that there is not one hair care product on the market that will stop breakage once it starts. Because hair care products only help the hair look better, they don’t put hair back on the head.

The good news is that you have complete control of who you choose to do your hair color. You also have the choice to reselect someone else if you are not getting perfect hair color every time you have a service. The very best colorist is just a phone call away.

Last Word

If you color your hair at home and you start to see damage from hair color, go to the salon for a while until your hair is stronger. Or start using a semi-permanent colorant for a while.

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