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Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Over the years women have gone into hair salons and have had their hair colored… only to have their hair fade within days after the hair color service. Now you’re left with a million questions, such as……Did I buy the right hair color products? Did I possibly leave something or some step out?

You often pay dearly for hair color that shampoos out with every shampoo, and with every blow dry you do. You will see much more fading when you mix hair color with other chemicals such as perms and relaxers, even with the supposedly non damaging Brazilian Keratin relaxers.

Most women I know just can’t stand their hair color looking faded within in just a few days after they have paid a high price for hair color. What most will do to solve the problem is while they are shopping at their local market or drugstore they just pick up a bottle of something that says will add color to their hair.

Words used on the packages are hair color Gloss, Color Booster, Glaze and Shine to help your hair color last longer. Most will have PEG-12 DIMETHICONE near the top of their ingredient list, which means it is prominent in the formulation. This is a type of silicone that coats the hair shaft and must be shampooed with a clarifying shampoo to remove the product from the hair before you use any other hair color.

These products come in the form of shampoos and conditioners. They do have hair color type chemicals that often leave the hair shaft coated and gummy when you dry your hair. They are topical color pigment similar to the color in lipstick.

I have found that women have a lot of complaints when they buy these hair color products; they use the product once and throw it out. The worst part about this is they go back to living with their fading hair color because they don’t trust other products.

I have learned over the years of working with chemicals that you can’t just use any hair color chemical and expect the best results. I am sorry to say that most products in the market place at this time that say they will add shine or gloss to fading hair color will only end up suffocating and dulling the hair shaft because of the coating chemicals used in the formulation.

Take a close look at the ingredients of my QVC Sell-Out Product called Coloursplash™ and you will see exactly how simple it can be to buy the right hair color products!


So in comes coloursplash!™ Hair Color Refresher and Gray Diffuser.  A short time ago I created a hair color product that sold out on QVC in just 6 minutes. What I did for women with fading hair was recreate a professional hair color formula to help eliminate hair color fading. Since that time I have re -packaged the product so it is now easier to use.

This is the part women love the most! The coloursplash!™ Formulation is created with the highest quality of ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals to harm the hair because the product is “real hair color with a new twist” it contains no ammonia, peroxide or additives to coat the hair shaft and keep it dull.

Because it is real hair color it will deposit hair color molecules inside your hair shaft to re-created the color you now have.  This is why it is safe to use every week if you like, because the peroxide does not activate the product. It is activated with water.  After just one time of using coloursplash!™ you will see that your hair will become more resilient to fading.

When you use coloursplash!™ Hair Color Refresher you can save $45 – $85 on the cost of salon services for either hair color or for in between color conditioners that you need to keep your hair looking healthy all month long.

This is how it works: coloursplash!™ Hair Color Refresher is available in 4 shades.  Because the product only adds shine and conditioning hair color pigments it is safe to use on all the following shades of hair. It only deposit color pigments so it does not lighten your hair your hair because peroxide is not used to activate it.

For a Semi-Permanent color:

Highlights: This shade if used on ultra light highlights or just to add a gloss to all blonde shades.All Blondes: This shade can be used on all blonde hair and on light brown hair if you wish to add a soft shade of blonde gloss to the hair.All Red Heads: This is a bright red that excites all redheads. If your hair is light and you wish to keep it bright this is for you. If you have a medium shade of red or even a red-brown shade, use this shade for ultra shine.All Brunettes: This shade gives life back to medium brown faded hair color. It can be used over perms and relaxers without any problem.

All these shades can be mixed and used over all shades of hair color to add more excitement to have an all over healthy feel and look to fading hair color.


If you were to use the All Red Heads over blonde hair it will be bright red because it will be too over powering for the blonde. If you would like to just add a touch of strawberry to your blonde hair you can mix just a touch of All Red Heads with your blonde. Remember this is real hair color so it has to be used like real hair color especially with color changes.

The product was created to add just a bit of overall color to enhance your present fading hair color.

These shades can be used over porous ends after a perm and to return the color to the hair after a relaxer.

Gray Hair: If your hair is starting to gray you can use the product in any of the above shades to soften and blend in the overall gray. This is best used only with 10-% gray. It will not cover completely it will just blend the gray in so you don’t need to use permanent color so soon, if you choose not to. Use (coloursplash!™ Gray Diffuser for gray roots)

Easy to Mix

Just remove the bottle from the package. Remove the seal and add 1oz. of water (gently shake to dissolve the color molecules) Then add 1oz of your favorite shampoo, and suds into your wet hair in the shower.

If your hair has product build up shampoo first then apply coloursplash!


This is so easy!  First you choose the final shade you want to use. Click the “mix color” button.

If you want a Strawberry Blonde then you click on Light Red (next to add to the cart). This is created by mixing Blonde with Redheads.

When your order is delivered: If you want to have a bit of strawberry blond in your blonde hair color, the two shades you will get when your order comes in the mail will be Blondes plus Redheads. You put these two shades into the bottle and add 1 oz of water (gently shake to dissolve the color molecules) then add your favorite shampoo, and suds into your wet hair in the shower.

If you want highlights with a touch of soft blonde you would choose Highlights plus Blondes  this will create Ultra Light Blonde (next to the add to cart)

Just decide on the final shade you would like to add to your own present hair color. It can be use on color treated or natural hair color.

Want Light Brown?   Mix Brunettes plus Blondes to create Light Brown

Want Red-Brown?   Mix Brunettes plus Redheads to create  Red-Brown

Want Light red?  Mix Redheads plus Highlights to create Ultralight Red.

Most women that use this product now are women who are very busy and can’t always find the time to get to the salon to keep their hair color fresh and healthy looking all month long. They buy coloursplash!™ Hair Color Refresher to take to the gym and on their business trips because they want (actually need to) look great all the time.

If you have any questions about your hair color please email me and I will always answer your questions.

Stop Your Fading Hair Color Now


Click Here to Choose Your Shade of Hair Color, and Order your coloursplash!™ today!

Ms. Hill has devoted her impressive career to the essence of hair colour, working on the corporate level as the International Training Director for Beauty Industry giants Clairol Inc., L’Oreal and Vidal Sassoon. As a result, she has developed hair colour products that are streamlined to state-of-the-art and wishes to share her extensive knowledge and research directly with the consumer.

While refining hair colour techniques to an art form, her reputation created high demands in the Fashion and Entertainment Industries where nothing but the best will suffice. Her stellar client list has included: Cheryl Tiegs, Lily Tomlin, Teri Garr, Lindsay Wagner, Connie Selleca, Anne Bancroft, Marcia Cross and Kelly Rutherford to name a few. Her name has appeared on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Wear Daily, Shape and all professional publications.

While Ms. Hill watches over her company she remains a constant advocate for early childhood education, especially for the underprivileged child. She also works closely with the International Foundation’s / UNICEF.

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