3 BIG Steps to Protect Hair from Drying Out

3 Easy steps for beautiful hair color.

Are you one of the millions of women that are trying to learn how to keep your hair from drying out from hair color? These three simple steps will help keep your hair color from looking dried out, but that is all they will do is “help.”

This one word “HELP” is on every bottle of conditioner and treatment for the hair. It is there because there’s nothing in the market place at the present time that will return dried hair to its natural healthy state if it is drying out from improper use of hair color or other chemicals.

#1)  Condition, Condition, Condition

The first area to look at is the condition of your hair. As professionals we look at hair that has been abused by chemicals all day long. With this being said most women don’t use conditioners; because they think they make their hair oily.

Product companies have changed the ingredients in conditioners over the last five years and have now started to formulate conditioners that are left in the hair to help hold the moisture longer. That is if you use a proper non-detergent shampoo for color treated hair.

You should be using a conditioner every time your shampoo your hair, not just once a month. When the hair has moisture the hair will shine and look healthier.

If you only want to use the product on the ends it’s okay for a while, but you will see a much greater shine if you use it over your entire head every time you shampoo. You should shampooing everyday or at least every other day. Clean hair is healthy hair. Hair products coat the hair strand and working out at the gym builds up a residue on the scalp, which needs to be rinsed out or shampooed out.

#2)  Treatments

Treatments should be used at least once a week. These deeper penetrating products add more moisture to the hair than the conditioner. These come in thick creams kind of like a heavy face pack. All of them should be applied over clean hair.

They can be left on for twenty minutes and rinsed out or they can be left on for hours while you do other things during the day. When the hair is extra dry (overly porous) some women sleep in the treatment then rinse it in the morning. You will defiantly see a change in your after using these products.

Note: Often times people notice that their hair feels softer after the use of these products.  This is probably due to the fact that you have you have become accustomed to the dry feeling of your hair. If you’re concerned about your hair becoming oily, you will find that most companies make oil free conditioning products so you can switch products and find the one that works best with your hair.

As was said before if your hair is highly damaged it will have to grow out before it really starts to look healthy.

#3)  Hair Color Services

One of the major problems of dry looking hair is when the hair color has oxidized and the color has faded from the hair strand. Overly porous hair gives the overall hair a dried out appearance and feel. When you start to have color services or start to do your color at home try to keep the color fresh.

Most often you will need to have hair color reapplied at least once a month. Whether you do it your self or have the service in a salon. If you have chosen to use a shade that is much lighter or deeper than your natural hair color you will start to notice roots that need to be touched up. But, if you’re using a shade that matches your hair you may not have to do color more often than 6-8 weeks apart.

Most hair color processes start to show fading within just a few weeks, and it will look dry. The reason for this is that the color pigments have been removed from the hair shaft with the daily shampooing and the blow drying for daily care. When the pigments are missing the hair will look dull and flat.

Last Word

When the hair color pigments are missing from the hair shaft there is not one treatment or conditioner in the market place that will return the shine that fresh hair color will.

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